day 25: triptych of a woman standing in an empty room


Triptych of a Woman Standing in an Empty Room



The room is

one color.


There is no one here, only

a shoe in one corner,

the tip of a finger

curled up,


a single strand of black hair

caught in the space

between two floorboards.




Now we tell her what she is:

too thin,


taking up space.


She is not smoking a cigarette

but the residue lingers,

peels back the wallpaper

so it drags back like a ghost.


She is wearing clothes.

She is wearing, specifically,

a navy blue housecoat

and one off-white silk slipper.


She is thinking about

furniture –


how it stands still

and never opens its mouth,

has evolved into something


mouthless, man-made,

entirely functional.




The room is

white space around her.


There is no one here,

only dust in the corners,


framed still-life

with a hummingbird and

several cream colored dahlias,


one stray pearl button.


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