day 11: dear virgo


Dear Virgo


This week the cosmos will

open you like a new moon

in a big empty bed.


Mercury is in retrograde, which means

you will not understand your grandmother’s

language, even when she repeats herself

over and over, her mouth right next to your ear.


You will lose money. You will

find money in a sock on the sidewalk

and depending on whether or not

you’ve been touched,


you will hand it over. You will offer your hand

to whoever promises to love it. Use

the stars to determine the direction

of your one foot in relation to your

father’s foot on this day in this month


decades ago. You might

wash your body compulsively, praying

that the bathroom fog will transform you

into a brand new animal. You might


feel a churning in your belly

from too little or too much peace.


You will have questions. You will look

for answers in the mouths of people

who do not know you. That is magic.

Do not Do not Do not


believe that any of this is magic.

You will have a dream that

a rabbit is falling out of your body,

begging you to be it’s mother.

Be it’s mother. Be your own mother.


This week, the stars will

align in the shape of your shoulder blades.

They will flex into a pair of wings.

They will hover over your body

until you agree to give up the ground.


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